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Gov. Rotimi Amaechi’s Heart Of Gold….Rescues Ojb With $100,000

We can authoritatively inform that governor of Rivers States; Rotimi Amaechi has donated the sum of $100,000 over N15.5m to rescue the ailing music producer, OJB Jezreel. The move was made by Jazzman Olofin, who was said to have visited Mr. Femi Davies, a top journalist and online publisher to complain about the way the people around are treating the issue of the prolific producer/singer.

Miffed by the report given, Femi Davies, we were told, intensified effort to liaise with another top journalist, Mr. Wale Olaleye, This Day Political Editor and he was said to have asked Mr. Davies to come forth with a formal letter of request to be forwarded to Governor Amaechi. As soon as the letter got to the embattled governor, we gathered that he signed it and ordered the state to pay as soon as possible.

Though, there seem to be some rancor between the people in charge of the ‘Support OJB Team’ as some people are already deliberating on how to have their share of the money as soon as it arrives since Governor Amaechi has coughed out the whole money needed for the kidney transplant and there were previous donations close to N10m before now.

This is really amazing, despite the situation of things between him and some political elements in PDP, governor Amaechi surprised all and sundry as he made this whopping donation. What a man with a heart of gold!

We hope the government of the good-hearted man, Mr. Amaechi would speedily attend to this cause before it’s too late like what happened in Edo State recently when a civil servant who needed just N150,000 had to lose his life because the money was not speedily disbursed as authorized by the governor.


50 Cent Charged With Domestic Abuse and Could Face Up to Five Years in jail

Rapper 50 Cent has been charged with domestic violence after he allegedly kicked the mother of his son and destroyed property in her condo last month.

According to TMZ:

50 is accused of causing $7,100 in damage during the June 23 incident, which took place inside the victim’s condo in Toluca Lake, Ca. According to officials, LAPD officers were called to the scene … and the woman told cops she had gotten into an altercation with 50 and locked herself in the bedroom.

50 — real name Curtis Jackson — allegedly got so mad, he kicked down the door and kicked her, resulting in an injury. Officials say the 37-year-old rapper is also accused of breaking chandeliers, furniture, a TV and a lamp — and allegedly ransacked the bedroom closet — during his rampage.

Officials say 50 left the scene before cops arrived. Now he’s being hit with five charges – one count misdemeanor domestic violence and four counts of misdemeanor vandalism and if convicted on all counts, he could face up to five years in jail and $46,000 in fines. Damn homie! He’s due in court to be arraigned on July 22, so we’ll keep you updated.


10 Things That Turn Guys OFF

Are you wondering about what actually guys hate in girls and the things that turn them off? Well, it differs from guy to guy, but there are some things that turn guys off and will make him want to stay away from you.

1. A closed mind: A lady who is not prepared to listen to a guy and strongly believes that she is the only sane person definitely will not make a guy happy. Have an open mind and listen to what the guy has to say! Don’t judge or simply jump to conclusions.

2. Trust Issues: Being possessive of your guy is good, but don’t cross the line and become insanely jealous and possessive. Constantly doubting your guy’s attitude towards other girls or querying about why, how and when he talks to other girls are some of the things that guys hate.

3. The Feminist factor: A guy does not want you to cling to him, and neither does he want you to totally disown him. He expects you to be able to care for yourself when the need arises, and let him show his macho side when he wants to!

4. Nagging: This is seriously a turn off! Guys hate girls who keep on saying the same thing over and over again. So, don’t nag. If you want something done and your guy doesn’t want to do it, find some other means of accomplishing it. Simple! 5. Suffocation: No matter how much the guy likes you, he will not become your slave. Give him his space and let him have some guys’ time. If you constantly call him, message him and keep insisting that he can’t do anything without informing you, you can be rest assured that the guy will run far and away from you!

6. Opinion: Guys do not like ladies who simply nod along to everything they say. And neither do they want someone who will disagree with everything. If you do not want to turn off guys, be a lady who commands respects and gives respect.

7. Appreciation: Some ladies take guys for granted. Assuming and believing that your special guy will be around forever will definitely turn the guy off. Let him know how much you appreciate his presence in your life from time to time. Don’t devalue his feelings, opinions or views.

8. Too much makeup: You need to put on the foundation, eyeliner and lipstick in such a way that your face looks beautiful, not like a joker.

9. Dressing up: If you dress shabbily, then there is no way you will attract men. If you hate your body or yourself, you will surely turn guys off. It is important to appreciate yourself first and dress like you love your body and face. Don’t show too much flesh. Give some room for imagination.

10. Attitude: Don’t be the snob kind, and neither should you be a push over. These characteristics will surely turn guys off. Be an easy going, happy and cheerful person!

10 Characteristics Of A Good Man To Be Your Guy

Finding a man to be your boyfriend actually isn’t a difficult thing. The difficult part is finding a man who deserves to be your life partner.

Unfortunately, many men out there take advantage of the women’s vulnerability to seduction to easily get them. In order to choose the right boyfriend, below are 10 characteristics of a good man to be your boyfriend:

1. He treats you well

He doesn’t have to treat you like a princess and spoil you everyday, but he knows what he has to do to show his love and he will never hurt you. If he accidentally hurts you, he doesn’t hesitate to come to you, admit his mistake and apologize sincerely. He is a man who appreciates and respects you. There is nothing more disgusting than a man who degrades,commits physical and verbal abuse towards a woman.

2. He is a man of his word

When he says yes, then he will do it, when he says no, then he won’t do it. Included in this trait, a man who is loyal to his girlfriend. When he promises that you will be the only woman he loved, then he really doesn’t have another woman in his heart. In other words, he takes full responsibility for his own words and realize them in his actions (He’s not wishy washy in relationships).

3. He loves you inside and out

Why this kind of man is right for you? Because he doesn’t only love you physically. He loves all of the strengths and weaknesses you have. And most importantly, he loves your imperfection, perfectly.

4. He has a bright future

If you’re really serious about bringing your relationship to a marriage, then you have to think about this. Do you have to choose a man who already have a well established job and good income? Not really. Most importantly, he is mature in thinking and has good plans for the future. Of course, he doesn’t spend most of his time playing video games and watching tv everyday.

5. He is able to guide and protect you

In relationships, men are leaders. With him, you can develop into a better woman. He also becomes the first person in front of you to protect you from all kinds of dangers.

6. He is confident in himself

Maybe he’s not handsome, but he always seems very excited, his face looks so bright, he dares to face everyone, and he has a pleasant personality. Most importantly, he is just being himself and not trying desperately to change his attitude and behave like everyone else (e.g. a movie star you like) when he is trying to draw your attention.

7. He is an independent man

Does a man who spend every day, hour, minute, and second to please you is the right man for you? Frankly speaking, NO! Because it means he is too attached and in the future, he will be very possessive of you. Independent man also thinks about his own life, spends time with his family and friends, and has other good activities to do. Don’t ever choose a needy or clingy man to be your boyfriend.

8. He is appreciative of you

He notices every little thing you do. When you try your best to look pretty, he will praise you. When you fetch him a glass of water, he will say ‘thank you’. When you do things that are out of your habit, he notices it.

9. He speaks and acts honestly

He can tell you what really happens when he makes a mistake. He does everything for you with sincerity with no bad intentions. In addition, he is a man who doesn’t seek your approval by giving praise and doesn’t hesitate to criticize yourself when you make a mistake. Receiving praise is important to make you more motivated while criticism is important to make you become a better woman.

10. He has good morality

His morality also affects your relationship in the future. A man who has grown up as a good man and doesn’t have many problems with society tends to act wisely in relationships. On the other hand, a man with low morality (e.g. solving problems with violence, familiar with criminality, drugs and free s*x) tends to bring the relationship into violence, quarrels, and infidelity.

5 Behaviors Women Find Creepy

In the early stages of a relationship, it’s surprisingly easy to give out a creepy vibe to women without even noticing. What can be perceived as regular behavior for anyone with whom you have an established relationship can range from obnoxious to downright frightening when displayed to a new woman you barely know. Here’s a list of 5 behaviors that might trip the creep-meter for women who are just getting to know you.

1. Being unable to read her signs
You see an attractive woman across the room, so you try to catch her eye. You walk past her. You look at her. You even sit next to her and try to make eye contact. No luck. Your next move should be to take the hint that she noticed you and isn’t interested. A man who refuses to accept this and continues engaging in a staring contest with a disinterested woman will make himself appear as as a potential stalker.

2. Aggressively trying to contact her
Many men seem to believe that they can prove their interest in a woman by chasing her down– calling, texting, emailing, and following up on each unanswered message with more. While it’s understandable that you want to get to know her better and you have many reasons for getting in touch with her, this behavior will only make you appear as a desperate man who is socially inept, insecure, and impatient. It’s probably best if you initiate contact no more than two times without any initiative on her part to return the gesture.

3. Dropping by unexpectedly
If a woman tells you what time she gets off work or class, that is one thing, but paying attention to and noting her schedule without her being aware of it will only scare her off. No one wants to feel like they’re being watched like a hawk. A woman you’ve just met won’t think it’s very cute when you are always waiting for her at the same time outside her work or dropping off surprises on her doorstep. She will quickly realize how closely you pay attention to where she is and what she’s doing, and will determine that you are a weirdo.

4. Mentioning sex at any point during the initial conversations
Most single women who’ve been dating for awhile want to filter out guys who are only after sex, so if you mention anything overtly sexual in your first few text messages, phone calls, or dates, you’re going to be seen as a “typical” guy who is only fixated on sex and creep her out.

5. Invading her personal space
There’s something about a guy assuming that he can move in close that women find so unappealing and creepy. It’s probably not a good idea to move into a new woman’s personal space until you understand her body language and get some signs that she is interested in that.

Guys! Too Much TV Watching can Result in Lower Sperm Counts – Study

A study has revealed that men who do little exercise and spend much of their time watching television have lower sperm counts than more active men. The study, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, shows falling sperm quality is linked to lower levels of physical activity.

The study found that young men who watch television for just three hours a day have half the sperm count of men rarely found in front of the box. Yet 15 hours or more of exercise a week boosts semen quality, according to the results in nearly 200 college students.

Also, experts say this could be due to lack of exercise, or to overheating of the testicles caused by prolonged sitting. And some experts say men wanting to father children need to be selective about the sport they do, as well as avoid wearing tight underpants as these may harm sperm.

However, in the latest study from the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH), healthy young men who watched more than 20 hours of television each week had a 44 per cent lower sperm count than those who almost did not watch. Men who exercised for 15 or more hours weekly at a moderate to vigorous rate had a 73 per cent higher sperm count than those who exercised less than five hours per week. Mild exercise did not affect sperm quality.

Is it Okay to Flirt Your Way to Success?

Many of the most famous women in the world become successful through their flirty ways but is it okay to flirt your way to success instead of going down the traditional route of hard work?

Some would say that being flirty is a fulltime job, especially if you’re not naturally gifted at it!

Not everyone is comfortable with flirting, making it a no go for the shy people amongst us, so does that leave them at an unfair advantage?

Flirting can work wonders, even if you’re just being overly nice to people you’ll find that they are much more willing to do things for you.

So giving a link wink and a giggle can get you what you want but for how long can it last?

When you’re flirting with a man, of course they’ll warm to you and you’ll find that you’re much more likely to get your own way.

But as we all know, you don’t get something for nothing, so what is it that he is expecting you to do in return?

If there’s nothing in it for him then you’ll find he will soon lose interest, meaning you have to move onto someone else.

This won’t just leave you with a massive reputation, but eventually you’ll be left with no one to socialize with in the work place.

Men love a flirt at first but when they see you’re trying your luck with anyone who walks past you, they’ll think you’re cheap.

And women, well every woman judges other women daily whether they have the reason to or not, and we all know how much women hate flirty women, right?

Don’t get the wrong idea, a little flirt every now and again is healthy, but when you’re doing it simply to get what you want and go to where you want to be then pretty soon you’ll find the act wears thin!