Wizkid Refuses Performing With Samini At Ghana Meets Naija Concert

The relationship between Wizkid and R2Bees is so solid that a lot of fans are wondering if it was the reason he refused performing with Samini at the third edition of Ghana Meets Naija, the group R2Bees who recently travelled to Los Angeles for the 2013 BET Awards and Samini are currently not seeing eye to eye, making the assumption between Wizkid and Samini sort of true.

Ghana Meets Naija that took place in Ghana on June 30 would have ended without drama if Wizkid had allowed Samini to partner him in their hit single, ‘Time Bomb’, a track on Samini’s upcoming album, the reason for the beef between R2Bees and Samini is yet to be ascertain and for Wizkid to get involved means it is a serious matter.

Bola Ray even went back stage to talk to Wizkid and his manager about it but they refused to perform with Samini. said a source. Bola Ray is the organizer of the show, he tried to convince Wizkid to perform with Samini but his advice fell on deaf ears.

What could have caused this cross country’s beef between Samini and Wizkid?

Source: Nigeriafilms.com


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