As I lay on my bed pondering on the right words to say about you, I realized that I just can’t seem to find the rite ones because words are definitely not enough to describe you. The news of your death was the greatest shock I have ever received in my life because I have never lost anyone so close and dear to me in my entire life so loosing you was a big blow 2 me which left me soo hurt and heartbroken.

Obiajulu my son as I usually cal him, the brother I met yrs back and fell in love with @ 1st sight, despite our age difference taught and encouraged me on how to stand strong in the working world, a profound brother I found who understands me well, respects and advices me.

My only regret is that you won’t be around 2 fulfill all we both planned, how you wanted so badly to be the one 2 bring your family to limelight, how u wanted 2 take your football career seriously and someday play 4 your favorite team (Man U), how u planned on surprising the gals in your family especially Amaka, I can remember suggesting things to get for her, and also ow u promised 2 find me a Man U husband only if I stay committed to the team….we both laughed and said Amen to it all. Not also forgetting the great and un4getable memories back in gwags especially how u would torment Amaka nd Abuchi and give them that mischievous smile of urs.

I know death is the destination we all are heading towards but I would have wished for u to go in a better and calm way that’s the least sum1 like u deserves but again we deserve nothing, God plans all our fate and destiny we can only pray for our journey to be 4givin and well.

Obi my son for u, I hope u had more joy and happiness around me and the people who makes your life worthwhile. Despite all the ugly side of life you went through may u rest in peace. Amen

I will forever miss you…..


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