Emporio Armani Men’s Watch Collections

Track time in style with Armani watches for men. A watch can be so much more than just a way to tell the time; many luxury watches are versatile tools with the ability to track dates, function as a stopwatch and more. A wrist watch can function as a masculine, sophisticated piece of jewelry, adding the finishing touch to any outfit. Browse a variety of watch styles, shapes and colors from Armani.

A round face watch with an analog face lends timeless polish to any ensemble. Many Armani watches for men feature large, round faces with a variety of different number styles. Choose Roman numerals for a vintage flair. For chic clarity, large modern numbers are the way to go. Prefer a sleek minimal look? Opt for a watch with simple straight line markers all around the face.

Make a bold statement with a square face watch from Armani. Watches with square faces add eye-catching straight angles, drawing attention to the hand and wrist. Square faces are great for men who like to wear their watches as jewelry, with some faces as narrow as the band for a bracelet type of look. For those who like their watch faces to stand out, there are many larger square face watches, including ones with thin bands as well as very broad bands that match the large face in size.

For active men, a water resistant watch is a great option. Whether it’s washing hands or going for a swim, most watches are worn all day long and exposed to the possibility of getting wet. Watches with water resistant styling can be safe from light liquid exposure such as hand washing or they can be fully waterproof to depths of 50 meters underwater or more.

Want a timepiece that doubles as a stopwatch? A chronograph watch might just be the perfect accessory for you. These watches feature one or more small faces inset into the main one to display the readings of the chronograph—a feature that transforms the watch into a stopwatch, timer and more. Chronograph watches are often luxury models with other useful features, including tracking the date and time, programmable alarms and more.















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