5 Behaviors Women Find Creepy

In the early stages of a relationship, it’s surprisingly easy to give out a creepy vibe to women without even noticing. What can be perceived as regular behavior for anyone with whom you have an established relationship can range from obnoxious to downright frightening when displayed to a new woman you barely know. Here’s a list of 5 behaviors that might trip the creep-meter for women who are just getting to know you.

1. Being unable to read her signs
You see an attractive woman across the room, so you try to catch her eye. You walk past her. You look at her. You even sit next to her and try to make eye contact. No luck. Your next move should be to take the hint that she noticed you and isn’t interested. A man who refuses to accept this and continues engaging in a staring contest with a disinterested woman will make himself appear as as a potential stalker.

2. Aggressively trying to contact her
Many men seem to believe that they can prove their interest in a woman by chasing her down– calling, texting, emailing, and following up on each unanswered message with more. While it’s understandable that you want to get to know her better and you have many reasons for getting in touch with her, this behavior will only make you appear as a desperate man who is socially inept, insecure, and impatient. It’s probably best if you initiate contact no more than two times without any initiative on her part to return the gesture.

3. Dropping by unexpectedly
If a woman tells you what time she gets off work or class, that is one thing, but paying attention to and noting her schedule without her being aware of it will only scare her off. No one wants to feel like they’re being watched like a hawk. A woman you’ve just met won’t think it’s very cute when you are always waiting for her at the same time outside her work or dropping off surprises on her doorstep. She will quickly realize how closely you pay attention to where she is and what she’s doing, and will determine that you are a weirdo.

4. Mentioning sex at any point during the initial conversations
Most single women who’ve been dating for awhile want to filter out guys who are only after sex, so if you mention anything overtly sexual in your first few text messages, phone calls, or dates, you’re going to be seen as a “typical” guy who is only fixated on sex and creep her out.

5. Invading her personal space
There’s something about a guy assuming that he can move in close that women find so unappealing and creepy. It’s probably not a good idea to move into a new woman’s personal space until you understand her body language and get some signs that she is interested in that.


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