Is it Okay to Flirt Your Way to Success?

Many of the most famous women in the world become successful through their flirty ways but is it okay to flirt your way to success instead of going down the traditional route of hard work?

Some would say that being flirty is a fulltime job, especially if you’re not naturally gifted at it!

Not everyone is comfortable with flirting, making it a no go for the shy people amongst us, so does that leave them at an unfair advantage?

Flirting can work wonders, even if you’re just being overly nice to people you’ll find that they are much more willing to do things for you.

So giving a link wink and a giggle can get you what you want but for how long can it last?

When you’re flirting with a man, of course they’ll warm to you and you’ll find that you’re much more likely to get your own way.

But as we all know, you don’t get something for nothing, so what is it that he is expecting you to do in return?

If there’s nothing in it for him then you’ll find he will soon lose interest, meaning you have to move onto someone else.

This won’t just leave you with a massive reputation, but eventually you’ll be left with no one to socialize with in the work place.

Men love a flirt at first but when they see you’re trying your luck with anyone who walks past you, they’ll think you’re cheap.

And women, well every woman judges other women daily whether they have the reason to or not, and we all know how much women hate flirty women, right?

Don’t get the wrong idea, a little flirt every now and again is healthy, but when you’re doing it simply to get what you want and go to where you want to be then pretty soon you’ll find the act wears thin!


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