Cheating: What They Don’t Know Won’t Hurt Them?

The sad reality is that many people in relationships will cheat at some point or another, whether it be a drunken kiss or a full-blown affair.

The question is, do you tell your partner about the affair once it’s finished or do you keep tight-lipped?

If you’ve been having an affair which ended, for whatever reason, surely it has to be better to tell your partner?

I have been debating the topic all afternoon and have concluded that these situations always have a way of airing themselves eventually, so why not tell them yourself and be clear that you did the right thing in the end.

“Affairs always come out, and it is better that it came from you and not someone else.”And you wouldn’t be able to handle the guilt eating away at you.

But then would there necessarily be any guilt? You had an affair, presumably because there was something missing from your relationship,and now the affair has ended because you relationship is back on track.

Could one argue that there is little to feel guilty about and that an affair could have actually helped your marriage rather than hindered it?

A Friend of mind said said this,… “Depending on the situation, if I wasn’t happy in the relationship then yes because it would be away out. If I was still in love and wanted to give it a go then I wouldn’t say anything, but would deal with the consequences.”

Despite this, she also said that if it was the other way around, she would appreciate the honesty but never take them back which i agreed with.

So the big question still stands….should we cheat on our spouses,when things are not smooth or talk or work it out? I think the best answer is to try and work things out,,,,Do those little things you did to win her or his heart and communicate more,it helps if you both share your feelings,what you like and what you don’t like….

The most important thing in a relationship is HONESTY…….


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